The Law Offices of Richard J. Uss is a full service law firm located in the heart of Westlake Village with experience in numerous areas of law including business and contract litigation, criminal and non-litigation matters.


Unmatched knowledge of Personal Injury Litigation

Our attorneys at RJU Law Firm have been litigating and settling personal injury claims for over 25 years. We have an unmatched record of success and work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Injury Litigation

Experience and reputation drive our litigation practice. Representing clients in the State and Federal Courts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we protect our client’s rights and exceed their expectations.

Family Law

By providing strong legal counsel and guidance, we try to help ease the client through the challenges of divorce, custody, parenting time, domestic violence, adoption, DYFS, pre-nuptial agreements and support issues.

Business Law

Your business is our business. From the formation of a new company to any necessary litigation, we are keenly aware of the role that effective representation plays in the business world. We work closely with our clients.

Workers Compensation

When handling workers compensation claims, The Firm is conscious of the client’s desire for expeditious results and works hard to get the case ready for effective settlement discussions early so as to avoid protracted litigation.

Reputed Attorney Team

The attorneys that founded the RJU Firm understand how devastating and life changing injuries can be to you and your family. Whether you suffered at the hands of a drunk or reckless driver, a defective product, or a negligent dog owner, our attorneys will make sure you are compensated. Medical bills, lost wages, and other financial issues can pile up quickly so it’s important to ensure that you have legal representation that will fight for you.


There are over 200,000 DUI arrests every year in the state of California. The county of Ventura presently does not offer plea agreements for suspected DUI offenders.

Because every single DUI is different, no one course of action is always applicable. The best recommendation is to consult with an attorney who can represent you aggressively and obtain the most favorable result.


To determine whether these options apply to you, contact The Law Offices of Richard J. Uss by using the confidential contact form for your free consultation.

We represent clients on many drug charges related to possession of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and MDMA. Rehabilitation options also exist for narcotics offenders under California law.


Rigorous defense of construction defect and contractor cases involves understanding the construction process, and knowing the legal requirements.

We tackle the complicated problems involved in construction lawsuits. We vigorously represent our clients, working to obtain financially successful results for our clients.